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Aztec seeds – From their beneficial effects on the body the Aztecs were already deriving – the oldest Indian rhodium in pre-Columbian Mexico. Fruits of plants found in today’s Central and South America it’s a source of perfectly digestible protein, vitamins and microelements. In the series of Aztec Seeds are found carefully selected seeds amaranthus, chia, quinoa and canihua.



Chia seeds by Naura. A characteristic feature of chia seeds are their hydrophilic properties. Chia seeds are a source of protein, healthy fats and dietary fiber. Over 60% of fatty acids contained in chia seeds are alpha linolenic acid (omega-3). Up to 20% is linolenic acid (omega-6). They are acids that the human body is unable to synthesize, so we need to provide them with food. Omega-3 fatty acids improve the functioning of the nervous system. They improve memory and concentration. They help relieve the symptoms of depression.

Net weight: 250g

EAN: 5905669099011

100% CHIA seeds

Protein 20,77
Sugars 1,4
kcal 455
kJ 1875
Acids 3,78
Salt < 0,01
Fiber 31,72
Fat 33,55
Carbohydrates 1,56

(per 100g)

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